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Karama, Hamsah A Complex, Mezzanine Floor, Ansar Gallery Building, Office No.: 183 - B
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Al Qusais
Industrial Area 1

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What are the main requirements of valves?

Valves are devices that allow water, gas, oil, or other liquids to flow in one direction while preventing the entry of large particles. They can find in various applications, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering and construction, food processing and storage, and medical equipment such as dialysis machines and anesthesia machines.

What are the types of valves?

Ball valves are the most common type of valve, and they come in various sizes and shapes to suit your specific needs. Ball valves can be opened or closed by rotational motion, making them ideal for pressure vessels. They also have high flow rates due to their design, making them perfect for conveying liquids or gases.

What are the parts of a valve?

A valve is a device that allows one fluid to flow into or out of another. The parts of a valve can include the stem, the seat, and the seal. Together, these components allow for the smooth operation of the valve by preventing leakage.

What is the class of a valve?

A valve is a device that controls the fluid flow, and there are three main classes: check valves, butterfly valves, and ball valves. Check valves allow water to move in one direction while preventing air from entering or escaping the system. This type of valve is used mainly for water systems where chlorine must add continuously. Butterfly valves work similarly but also allow gas to pass through them. Ball valves are designed for liquids and have a small opening at the top that allows liquid to flow freely while restricting gas escape).

What is valve size?

Valve size is the orifice (opening) on a valve that controls the flow of water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances. It can measure in terms of inches [centimeters], abbreviated as "in.
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