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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique to optimize your web pages in order to rank high in search engines

It consists of a lot of factors including on-page ones, such as improving speed and content, as well as off-page ones

Why SEO?

Online is the present and the future. Everyone is online and mobile. Your customers, your partners, and even your competitors.

Don't be left behind.

Customers are searching for your products and services online in search engines, most notably Google. Are you appearing on the 1st page of search results? If not, then there is is a very low chance of getting traffic to your website. It is estimated that websites that appear on the 1st page of a search engine gets around 75% of the traffic, leaving a paltry 25% for the remaining pages.

If you rank high in search engines, you will receive more traffic, more leads and potential business. It also improves your brand image.

Free SEO audit

Don't know where you stand? Using the free tool below, you can get instant seo status for your website, absolutely for free. You will also get suggestions, which will help improve your ranking score.

Use it to gain insights on how your website is seen by search engines, and work on bringing up to the top to grab that valuable traffic.

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  1. Please note the tool is for end users only, and not for companies and agencies engaged in the digital media and marketing spaceband
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