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Calibration Services UAE

  • Phone +971-2-5506041
  • Fax +971-2-5506042
  • Box No. 35935
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area Mussafah 4
  • Location Mussafah, MW-4, Bldg No 72, Bhnd Quneex
  • Phone +971-4-3330105
  • Fax +971-4-3330104
  • Box No. 11682
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Ras Al Khor
  • Location Ras Al Khor, Industrial Area 2
  • Phone +971-4-2073733
  • Fax +971-4-2674337
  • Box No. 14952
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Al Qusais
  • Location Behind Galadari Driving Institute
  • Phone +971-4-2511670
  • Fax
  • Box No. 18980
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Al Qusais
  • Location 67 Al Nahda Road, Al Ghusais 1



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Est. 2005

  • Phone +971-4-3547505
  • Fax +971-4-3573413
  • Box No. 127199
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Al Qusais
  • Location Al Qusais, Indl Area 2, Damascus St, Al Zarooni Bldg, Suit No 124
  • Phone +971-6-5345747
  • Fax +971-6-5345727
  • Box No. 24650
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area Industrial Area 13
  • Location Industrial Area 13, Nr National Paints R/A
  • Phone +971-2-5529144
  • Fax +971-2-5529146
  • Box No. 8302
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area Mussafah 40
  • Location Mussafah, M-40, Opp ICAD Gate No.2
Arrow Balanced Calibration Services LLC   dubai, uae
  • Phone +971-2-5553301
  • Fax +971-2-5553309
  • Box No. 127352
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area Mussafah 3
  • Location Mussafah, Warehouse 158, Al Firdous Complex
  • Phone +971-6-5347367
  • Fax +971-6-5347967
  • Box No. 63225
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area
  • Location Indl 11, Nr RAK Therm
  • Phone +971-4-3232751
  • Fax +971-4-3232749
  • Box No. 78792
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Al Quoz
  • Location Al Quoz Industrial Area
  • Phone +971-2-5512301
  • Fax +971-2-5512302
  • Box No. 133217
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area
  • Location
  • Phone +971-4-2228181
  • Fax +971-4-2228141
  • Box No. 119246
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Nakheel
  • Location Deira, Nakheel Rd
  • Phone +971-6-5344099
  • Fax +971-6-5344660
  • Box No. 38384
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area Industrial Area 10
  • Location Industrial Area 10, Nr Awafi Food Stuff
  • Phone +971-4-5149730
  • Fax +971-4-5149730
  • Box No. 232126
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area International City
  • Location International City, Spain Cluster, Bldg T06, Office # 02
  • Phone +968-4-503677
  • Fax +968-4-503755
  • Box No. 0
  • Emirate International
  • Area
  • Location
  • Phone +971-4-2633221
  • Fax +971-4-2633454
  • Box No. 231941
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location Al Nadha, Al Futtaim Bldg, 3rd Floor, Office # 307, Nr NMC Hospital
  • Phone +971-4-3273640
  • Fax +971-4-3273641
  • Box No. 114850
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area
  • Location
  • Phone +971-2-5538282
  • Fax +971-2-5538281
  • Box No. 93207
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area Mussafah 2
  • Location M-2, Emirates Post Bldg

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Calibration Services UAE

Calibration implies measuring and correcting or adjusting the graduations of an instrument or unit in comparison with a standard, so that it can be used in an exact and accurate way. It can be used for a variety of instruments, including industrial ones that measure different values, like electromagnetic radiation, time and frequency, ionizing radiation, light, pressure, temperature or weight. The process is used across multiple sectors and for a variety of purposes, mostly in the building and servicing of vehicles.

Usually, instruments need to be calibrated when they are new, after they have been repaired or modified, when a specified period of time has passed, when a specified number of hours of usage have elapsed, when it is recommended by the manufacturer, before or after a critical measurement, after the instrument has been exposed to intense vibration or extreme conditions, after an electrical shock, after sudden weather changes in some cases and whenever its indications are questionable or do not seem normal.

There are many companies in the UAE that offer a wide range of Calibration Services, repairing services and certification for different type of electrical, linear, pressure and temperature instruments and units, as well as for flow meters. These include calibration services for multi meters, clamp meters, insulation testers, loop testers, data loggers, welding machines, micrometers, calipers, dial gauges, measuring tapes, measuring scales, analogue or digital pressure gauges, barometers, transducers, digital indicators, capacitance diaphragm gauges, transmitters , switches, vacuum gauges, differential pressure gauges, pressure controllers, pressure monitors, weight and mass sets, scales, accelerometers, load cells, force gauges, deadweight testers, piston gauges, deadweight ball gauges, regulators, temperature indicators, ovens, welding electrode ovens, chillers, freezers, temperature controllers, thermal cameras, infrared meters, weather stations, humidity recorders, humidity generators, temperature gauges, vehicle refrigeration systems, torque wrenches, PH meters, conductivity meters, diesel flow meters, water flow meters, laminar flow elements, variable area flow meters, critical flow orifices and nozzles, thermal mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and gas turbine roots meters, among many others. Hard copy or electronic versions of the services records, such as certifications, measurement data from every calibration and reports, are also provided by the providers. Some of them use different types of calibration inventory management software, which allow the client to access on the internet all the information they need, such as certificates, asset lists, detailed repairs, service history and the status of work on the equipment, if it is still in progress. The calibration service is very helpful for companies that have various types of equipment, that require different services at different times or for corporations that have their asset inventory spread across many locations.

The Calibration Services companies in the UAE also offer different methods of providing their services, including pickup and delivery from your location to their company and back and the possibility to schedule on site services any time you need them, at fixed periods of time or permanently. Any method you choose, you can be assured of high quality services that provide your measuring tools with maximum precision.

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