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Calibration | Instrumentation | Pressure Gauges | Test & Measuring Instruments | Weighing Balance | Weighing Equipment

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Quality Technical Service is a professionally managed Trading and Calibration Services Company all over UAE, the Middle East, and other countries. We take pride in the technical ability of our trained service engineers. Earning and retaining our customer's trust is everything. We go above and beyond to provide impeccable service paired with our full suite of test and measurement solutions to contribute to long-term success.
QTS Laboratory provides both Accredited & Traceable Calibration, Certification & Repairing Services for Construction, Asphalt Testing Laboratories, Soil Testing Laboratories, and Concrete Testing Laboratories like Batching Plants, Compression Machines, and Electronic Weighing Machines as well as Calibration for Catering Companies, Hotels & Restaurants, Hospital, Clinics, Medical Centers, and Pharmacies.
Batching Plant, Dimensional Calibration, Electrical Calibration, Force Calibration, General Laboratory Equipment Calibration, Mass & Weighing Instruments Calibration, Pressure & Vacuum Calibration, Temperature & Humidity Calibration

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152