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Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment Sharjah

  • Phone +971-6-5455630
  • Fax +971-6-5455634
  • Box No. 83311
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area Industrial Area 13
  • Location Industrial Area 13, Near Al Shoula School

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Air cleaning & purifying equipment

Air cleaning & purifying equipment is very popular in the United Arab Emirates. It is widely used by its residents and helps in improving the quality of air inside the room. It prevents allergic reactions to the body and is also helpful in removing submicron particles in the air. Apart from this, air cleaning equipment can be useful in removing chemicals, gases and biological fumes in the air. A number of clients use air cleaning equipments and air purifying equipments such as mobile hospitals, decontamination shelters, hospital isolation anterooms and first response shelters. Manufacturers of air purifying equipments design products according to the client’s needs. With the use of best technology, the companies based in the UAE provide air cleaning and air purifying equipments that offer high performance to the clients.

The air cleaning & purifying equipment manufactured in the UAE is used for removing germs, contaminants, pollens, allergens, dust and others from air in the room. These air purifying equipments can be used in two ways. They can be used as standalone unit or they are also useful in other units such as air conditioners, heaters and others. Since they are used to remove the harmful contaminants from air, they can be used to treat allergy sufferers and asthma. To purify the air, these equipments contain heap filters and utilize methods such as ultraviolet radiation and ionization techniques. There are many companies in the Emirates that have years of experience in dealing with air filtration. They are constantly inclined towards development of new products and improve the existing models to meet the changing needs of clients. 

The air cleaning & purifying equipment companies offer a wide range of services such as installing electrostatic air cleaner, service and maintenance of air cleaning systems, designing kitchen exhaust system, incorporating air cleaners in the exhaust system, UVC ozone treatment of exhaust system in kitchen, UVC germicidal irradiation system, wall mounted air purifiers, odour control products and others. They aim at making the environment clean and green. Every client has different quality problems that need to be addressed differently. The specialist team of air purifying companies can better assist the clients in giving advice about the right air cleaning system that suits their needs. Some of the air cleaning equipments that are offered by the UAE companies include modular industrial electrostatic air cleaner, modular electronic air filter for AHU, oil mist collector for CNC, ceiling mounted electrostatic air cleaner, UVC for AHU, portable ozone generator, UVC ozone lamps for kitchen exhaust and others. 

The air we breathe in has a crucial role to play in the health and safety of people. By installing air cleaning and air purifying equipments, it is possible to cleanse the air completely and keep the families happy. Exhaust fan, room air purifier, air purifier with humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, filtrate system, bubble system, air purifier replacement filter, air ionizer and others are some of air purifiers that can be installed at home, officer or other locations. The air purifiers use air purification systems and complex filtration techniques for removing dust, bacteria, smoke etc. which can trigger allergies easily.

The modern air cleaning equipments are now available in different colors, designs and models. Before choosing an air cleaning equipment to install, customers are asked to give details such as size of room, maintenance required and level of purification needed. The equipment with same or slightly bigger size than the room size is recommended. ACH rating i.e. Air Changes per Hour rating of the equipment determines its efficiency of purifying the air and its effectiveness in improving the quality of indoor air.   

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