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Al Kortbawi Trdg Sharjah

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Air Cleaning & Air Purifying Equipment | Car Washing Equipment | Fountain Manufacturers

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Al Kortbawi Trdg - Profile

Al Kortbawi is a Trading Company they are the Contractors of Electrical, Mechanical &Plumbing in addition to that they supply & do installation services of DBs, SMDBs, MDBs, KWH MeterCabinets, Control Panels, Capacitor Banks, Electrical Components (MCBs, MCCBs, ACBs, Contactors, O.L. Relays, Motor Starters, Push Buttons, Ind. Lights, Sel Switches, PLCs, Variable-Speed Drives with all related ACC.)R. Cables, Flex Cables, Control Cables, A.R. Cables, Cable Trays, Trunkings, Glands, L Holders, Ind. Sockets, Switches & Sockets, Fans, Ex. Fans, Projectors, Lamps + ACC. Water Fountains, Swimming Pools Filters, R/O Systems, Recycling Systems + ACC. Ozone (Water & Air Purification Systems) + ACC. Auto Car Wash, Air Dryers, Central Vacuums, Auto Polishings Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals + ACC. Electromechanical Works: Factories, Warehouses, Cinemas, Showrooms, Offices, Building etc.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152