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What is an air curtain used to prevent in Dubai?

An air curtain or air door is a device that controls air or contaminants from crossing from one open space to another. A downward-facing blower fan positioned above the entrance or an aperture between two areas conditioned at different temperatures is typical. Air curtains form an impenetrable barrier between the dining room, bar, or walk-in cooler and the outside world, preventing the input of outside air and restricting the outflow of indoor air.

Do air curtains keep cold air out in Dubai?

When you open a walk-in freezer or a cooler door, an air curtain keeps cold air from rushing out. Insects and pollutants are also kept out of these vital food storage rooms. Because a slight gap is generated by weaving, curtains cannot block 100% of the cold air, but they provide the best performance in blocking as much cold air as possible.

What is the purpose of installing air curtains in Dubai?

Air curtains are put over the entrance to create a strong air barrier that keeps conditioned air in and dust particles out of the building. Air curtains, often known as fly fans, provide a high-velocity airstream over a window or door opening, preventing pests such as insects from entering the structure. A properly placed and entirely functional air curtain can save you and your company a lot of money by minimizing the amount of heat lost through open doors.

How well do air curtains work in Dubai?

The air curtains are fantastic! Air curtains have been demonstrated to be successful in all investigations and testing. When an effective air curtain is erected correctly, it saves a lot of energy while keeping the entry areas warm, comfortable, and free of draughts, insects, and smells. Because the air is discharged and collected before returning through the curtain, they are also the most efficient air systems.

What is the average time taken to install an air curtain in Dubai?

Installing a unit takes about 90 to 120 minutes on average. You can fit the air curtain air exit nozzle between the obstacle and the wall. The person installing the air curtain needs to be vigilant to prevent the impediment from diverting airflow. This may generally reduce the duration to 60 minutes after the second or third installation.

Can Air curtains be attached to doors in Dubai?

Yes, using plunger-type and magnetic limit switches, air curtains can be easily attached to doors. You can use the switches with any door type, including single-sided, double-sided, sliding, automatic, high-speed shutters, and roller shutters. Air curtains installed over the entry provide a strong air barrier that allows the conditioned air to flow inside while keeping dirt and debris out.

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