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Air Curtains & Screens Dubai

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Air Curtains & Screens

There are several companies in the UAE that offer air curtains & screens that can have many benefits. For example, air curtains can be used for creating partition in the room or separate two spaces. They can also be used for enhancing the décor of rooms. Apart from this, they can also be used for protecting the rooms from dust, insects or debris. Entrances, workshops, door-less shops and others are some of the places where air curtains are used. The manufacturers and suppliers of air curtains and screens make sure that best products are supplied to the clients. Some of the companies also provide installation services to ensure complete customer satisfaction. These air curtains can be used either in the horizontal direction above the door or in the vertical direction at one side of the door. 

Many companies based in the Emirates design and build air curtains & screens and export them all across the world. Air curtains are required in a room as they are helpful in maintaining indoor air temperature irrespective of the type of temperature viz. ambient, warm and cool. They act as air barriers for allowing unobstructed pedestrian access which further promotes open door trading in commercial buildings and retail outlets. Scientifically, it has been proven that entrances that have air curtains are more energy efficient. They also offer good protection from dust, flying insects and ambient moisture that ensure healthy and clean environment. Other than this, the thermoscreens have cold storage and refrigeration applications. When customers want to access low temperature zone, these screens can reduce the entrance of warm air from outside.

Further to this, the air curtains & screens retain the refrigerated air inside the room and reduce the formation of ice and frost in the area of entrance. Another advantage of using the air curtains is that it is very easy and simple process to install them. Also, they are easy to maintain throughout the serviceable life. Customers should be aware of the right air curtain to be selected. Choosing the right air curtain is essential so that it could ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. If the selected air curtain has very less velocity, it cannot block the entrance of cold draughts into the building. However, if it is excessively powerful, it will cause exfiltration. Also, if the air curtain is installed at wrong height, it will cause a lot of noise and discomfort for the users.

 There are a number of factors that should be kept in mind while selecting an air curtain such as building type, interior design, voltage, power supply and the kind of barrier needed. According to the barrier type required, air curtain will vary. Surface mounted air curtain can be used for a visible barrier while for an invisible barrier, recessed type of air curtain is better. For creating a mounting space, vertical or special mounting brackets should be used. If the customer needs a medium barrier, then water heated or electric heated air curtain can be used. While installing the air curtains & screens, the installation height also has a key role to play. If the air curtain is installed correctly, it will operate with maximum effectiveness. It should be placed at a height where there is sufficient air velocity that can be discharged over the height as well as width of the air curtain.

To ensure that the width of curtain is appropriate, the width of heating system should be more than that of the door opening. The air curtain should overlap the full opening so that it can control the entrance of dust particles to provide a clean and comfortable environment in the room.