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Water Chiller UAE


What is a water chiller in UAE?

A water chiller is a device used to decrease the temperature of the water.

It is generally used to cool a building's air and equipment. They are optimum for buildings that require isolated heating/cooling demands.

How does a water chiller work in UAE?

Vapor compression or Vapor absorption is the working principle of a chiller. As the heat transfer takes place, the refrigerant evaporates, changing into vapor from a low-pressure liquid while the temperature of the process coolant reduces.

What is the difference between a water chiller and an AC in UAE?

The basic difference between an air conditioner and a water chiller lies in its applied usage. Air conditioners are used in houses, small buildings, and the units vary in size and practical application. A water chiller is used to cool down houses and buildings and cooling equipment.

What are the water chiller applications in UAE?

Water chillers are used in various equipment like Injection molding, tool and die-cutting, food and beverage, chemicals, lasers, machine tools, semiconductors, and more.

What are the advantages of water chillers in UAE?

They have a long lifespan as they don't need replacements as much as air chillers. They have a quiet operation that's optimum for offices and academic buildings. They are energy efficient and require less space.

What are the safety devices in a water chiller in UAE?

There are four major safety devices in a water-cooled chiller, and they have a Protection safety valve, compressor overheats protection, compressor frequent start protection, abnormal indicator light, etc.

What are the different types of water chillers in UAE?

There are five types of chillers subcategories: reciprocating chillers, rotary screw chillers, centrifugal compression chillers, frictionless centrifugal chillers, and absorption chillers.

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