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Aircraft Equipment Parts, Supplies & Maintenance Ajman

  • Phone +971-6-7447910
  • Fax +971-6-7447911
  • Box No. 40022
  • Emirate Ajman
  • Area Ajman Free Zone
  • Location Ajman Free Zone
  • Phone +971-6-7445754
  • Fax +971-6-7445755
  • Box No. 95026
  • Emirate Ajman
  • Area Ajman Free Zone
  • Location Ajman Free Zone, Block C

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Aircraft Equipment, Parts, Supplies & Maintenance

The aircraft equipment, parts, supplies & maintenance in the UAE have unique capabilities in supplying supreme quality spare parts to different aircrafts viz. military aircrafts, civilian aircrafts and others. They serve the clients through a variety of operations such as supplying parts and components of aircrafts, supplying entire system, offering technical service, performing maintenance of aircrafts and providing consultation. The UAE aircraft manufacturers and suppliers are the leaders in the aviation industry. Apart from supplying the equipments, they also provide various tools and materials required for the operation and maintenance of aircrafts. They can supply according to the general requirements of buyers, critical requirements of buyer, AOG priority and IOR (Immediate Operation Requirements) priority.

The UAE based aircraft equipment, parts, supplies & maintenance companies can repair and modify the damaged components and equipments of the aircrafts. They can provide technical assistance, service the aircraft equipments and provide training to the technicians of buyers. Avionics, engines and miscellaneous parts are some of the aircraft parts that they supply to the customers. For the ground forces, they supply a variety of spare parts, propellers, shafts, helicopters, pyrotechnics, tools and equipments for missiles, generators, consumable equipment, life support equipment, equipment of battlefield, air conditioning units and others to local and overseas buyers. The technical services offered to the customers include repairing aircraft engines, repairing specialized test equipments, repairing avionics computers, upgrading avionics of helicopters, upgrading avionics of aircrafts and repairing the ground support equipments.

The qualified engineers of aircraft equipment, parts, supplies & maintenance companies in the UAE assist the customers with technical support to resolve their AOG enquiries. They can provide excellent installation assistance for upgrading the existing system with new and latest spare parts. They can offer complete support for upgrading the aviation systems and marine systems. Repairing the parts of aircrafts reduces the cost of purchasing new parts and also lowers operational cost. The newly installed parts also come with warranty and are chosen very carefully to make the equipment work efficiently. They offer technical advice and provide solutions to meet the varied needs of the customers in the aviation industry. Their technical team has in-depth knowledge of the products and they are efficient in providing all-round solution to the buyers. They usually have a warehouse where they store all spare parts, components, avionics and equipments for meeting the requirements of regional airline aircraft, business jet and general aviation.

The UAE based aircraft suppliers ensure that the parts are built of highest standard possible and are available round the clock. Customers describe them their requirements and needs which these companies try to fulfil and exceed their expectations. They are able to assist the clients from all over the world with their integrated aircraft supply and maintenance services. They utilize sophisticated technology, wealth of experience in the aviation industry and deep knowledge about the products for assisting the customers in selecting the right product according to their needs and thus offer a personalized service to them.

They offer end to end solution to the customers including offering them facility of warehousing and third party logistics, stock management, rotable component administration, technical library management, parts sourcing, tool calibration and consultancy services. They are capable of supplying a wide range of specialist equipments to civilian customers, military, law enforcement, emergency services and others. Infrared equipment, oceanographic survey equipment, thermal imaging equipment, satellite communications systems, precision heli parts, sky-tec starters, aircraft tyres, aerospace ground equipment, rotable components, fuel pumps, aircraft brakes and others. Other than this, Customers can also access inventory of spare parts, installation services, modification and enhancement of aircraft, aerospace avionics design, helicopter services and others.     

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