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Ship Charterers Ajman

  • Phone +971-6-7429575
  • Fax +971-6-7444570
  • Box No. 3763
  • Emirate Ajman
  • Area
  • Location Behind Rulers Court, Ajman Post Rd

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Ship Charterers

Ship charterer can be an individual or a company that hires ships for seaborne transportation for a certain period of time. Ship charterers may own ships or employ shipbrokers for assisting in finding ships for delivering the cargoes. The ship charterers in the UAE assist in finding suitable vessels for cargo and they can also help in matching supply with their client’s demands in the competitive world and thus to match the needs of customers and ship owners. They have a strong network of charters from different parts of the region and the world for providing quality vessels and value added services. They can assist their clients to search for the vessels used for moving heavy lift, RoRo, break-bulk, military and project cargoes via normal brokerage channels. They are efficient in delivering cranes, steep pipes, excavators, heavy machinery, cables, rig legs and others. The projects are handled properly ranging from documentation process to customs through all the mediums viz. air, road and sea. The solutions are customized depending upon the cargo to be moved that can vary from industry to industry.

Depending upon the type of cargo, challenge to handle it differs. For the cargos that can’t be unitized requires the use of special handling equipment as well as control measures at the microscopic level. The ship charterers assist in all the processes that are essential for handling cargoes, from project planning and route selection to packaging and delivery. The use of information technology of supreme standards and skilful telecommunications ensure reliability of services that bring complete peace of mind to the clients. There are many features of services offered by ship charterers that are of benefit to the clients such as network of project forwarders, skilled team, ability to handle all kinds of cargoes, effective mobilisation of equipments, safety of cargoes and availability of reliable communication and IT tools.

The UAE ship charterers provide a range of shipping services for transporting the cargoes to and from the region. They carry the goods and passengers in the hired or owned ships. Thus, some of the ship charterers have their own ships while some need to hire from the other service providers. There are different kinds of shipping charters such as time charter, voyage charter, bareboat charter, trip time charter, contract of affreightment, heavy-lift chartering and others. Ship size varies depending upon the amount of goods carried or the number of passengers carried and thus facilities included in the ships also vary. For instance, cruise charter ships are the ones that are equipped with the facilities of entertainment, food and accommodation while the containers and heavy lifting equipments are boarded in the cargo charters. 

The ship chartering companies have relationships with brokers, cargo owners and ship owners to hire the ships used for transporting cargoes from one place to the other. Their team, after understanding the client’s requirements, provide one or more solutions that fit the requirements. Full container load, open top container, standard dry container, refrigerated container, RORO, flat rack container, shipper owned container, less than container load and flexi & ISO tanks are some of the containers and equipments used for seaborne transportation. The vessel chartering companies have years of expertise in handling various projects related to offshore ship chartering and management. 

For successful completion of ship chartering projects, it is important to choose the right vessel as it can make a big difference between making the projects successful or fail. Platform support vessels, bulk carriers, field support vessels, diving support vessels, oil and chemical tankers and others are some of the vessels that are used for successful operation of transporting the cargoes.





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