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Etching & Plasma Cutting Abu Dhabi

  • Phone +971-3-7222120
  • Fax +971-3-7220600
  • Box No. 17212
  • Emirate Abu Dhabi
  • Area Sanaiya
  • Location Sanaiya, Bhnd ADIB, Street 18, Plot - 10

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Etching and Plasma Cutting

Etching is a process of cutting into unprotected parts of a metal surface in order to create a design. The process is usually used in printmaking, as well as in different industrial applications, such as in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and semiconductor devices and in the process of preparing metallic parts for microscopic observation.

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting through electrically conductive metals, by using a hot jet of plasma that conducts the electricity from the torch of the cutter to the piece of metal that needs to be cut. Because of the high speed of the operation, the precise cuts obtained by using this method and the low costs implied, the process is used in a wide array of applications, from welding shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial building and scrapping, to different art creation applications, among others.

The companies in Dubai that are specialized in providing different types of etching and plasma cutting services offer a wide range of solutions for different materials, including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, diamond plate, expanded metals and galvanized metals, among others. Some of the applications that require this type of services include machinery and armored vehicles manufacturing, automotive fabrication, different construction applications, decorative fencing manufacturing, marine fabrication and signage manufacturing. All of the services are provided using the latest technologies in the sector for plasma cutting and custom etching different parts for just about any application. Most of the companies offer you the choice to either have their experts create a drawing using advanced computer aided design (CAD) systems, or to work from your already existing CAD drawings. For more information on the services provided and the price for the work you need to be done, do not hesitate to contact any of the companies in Dubai and the skilled staff will answer to all of your enquiries and explain the possible solutions for your project.

There are also a number of equipment suppliers, in case you need to purchase any type of machinery to use in your production applications. You should choose the most suitable equipment depending on the material that needs to be cut and your manufacturing needs. The specialists working at any of these companies are able to recommend the best solutions for your requirements, taking into consideration the type of application you need the equipment for, as well as your available budget for purchasing the necessary machinery.

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