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Al Ain Technical Metal Industries Est Al Ain

Company Profile

About The Company

Al Ain Technical for Metal Industrious Establishment was established in 1973 as Al Ain Technical Workshop in Street no. 2 in Sanaiya, Al Ain. In 1984, the company was registered as an industrial entity with Zones Corp, later on moving to the current premises in Sanaiya, Al Ain. Currently, the company occupies an area of 3,400 m2 in Sanaiya, Al Ain and another 4,150m2 premises in Companies and Labour Camp, Shareekat, Al Ain.
Al Ain Technical is well known for its Steel Fabrication projects throughout the UAE, with specializing in Sheds and Shabarat. Owing to the customer demands, the company added Aluminium Fabrication to its scope of works and added a powder coating line for finishing. In this section, all kinds of aluminum fabrications are undertaken to produce aluminium doors, windows, louvres and aluminium kitchens. Cladding and glass works for building frontages are also undertaken.
In late 2012, the company was restructured under a new ownership, management & management policies and continues its endeavors to provide best products and services to its clients, with high level of satisfaction.
Description of Scope of Work
Steel Fabrication
All kinds of steel fabrication designing and fabrication works are undertaken. This includes the establishing of customer needs, preparation of proposals for customer to choose and finalizing a design that best meets customers requirement, satisfy governmental and code requirement and is economical. As per the design, cutting, bending, bolting, joining and finishing (powder coating) is performed on steel profiles and sheets and then installed at site. The products are;
Structures (Sheds, Shabarat, Hangers)
Gates and Doors
Staircase (Helix, Emergency Exits, Ladders)
Shelves & Racks
Display Stands
Aluminum Fabrication:
In our Aluminium Section, various types of product are manufactured using the extruded profiles of aluminium. Using these profiles, various design and fabrication processes are undertaken including cutting, bending, joining, welding, finishing (powder coating) and installation. Following products are manufactured and installed.
Doors (Glass Doors, Louvre Doors, Kick plate Doors, Sheet Doors)
Windows (Sliding, Hinged, Fixed, Tilt & Turn, Curtain walls)
Aluminium Railing
Aluminium Cabinets (Kitchen Cabinets & wardrobes)

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