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Teklite Trading LLC Dubai


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Company Profile

About The Company

Founded in 2001, Teklite Trading LLC is a major supplier of Quality Electrical Materials and Components for Marine, Onshore, Offshore, Oil & Gas sector. Being a reliable company with excellent technical expertise and market experience on electrical products, Teklite Trading LLC has gained a reputation as the leading approved supplier of cables in the UAE and overseas.

We have specialization in the field of Marine & Ship board cables, Communication cables, Halogen Free Coaxial Cables, BS Instrumentation cables, Customized cables for special applications and other electrical components. We provide solutions for all electrical requirements and supply materials as per industry standards and specifications. Our products come with the necessary approvals and certifications that strengthen customer confidence, reliability and trust in our company.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the go-to supplier for all electrical requirements and supply materials spanning all major industries across the globe.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide comprehensive and high-quality technical products and solutions to our customers, along with exceptional service, while building long-term partnership.

We are agents & distributor for world known brands and import & export for their complete range of products in the following categories:
1. Marine & Shipboard Cables
2. Communication & Data Cables
3. HF Co-axial Cables
4. Flexible Rubber Cables
5. Signal & Control Cables
6. Yachts & Boat Cables
7. BS Instrumentation Cables
8. Heat Resistant & Silicon Cables.
9. Enclosure Solutions
10. Industrial Plugs & Sockets
11. Terminals, Connectors, Lugs & Cable Glands.
12. Electrical Accessories.

All our products are of European origin with International standards, manufactured with high quality and approved with marine certificates like ABS, DNV, RINA, BV, LR and so on. ATEX, IECEX certified Cable Glands, Cable Protection System and Enclosure Solutions.
If you require the best quality products and services -Teklite Trading LLC is the one to choose.

We at TEKLITE TRADING LLC are committed to provide a high level of services and satisfaction to all our customer's at all times and are confident in building a long term customer relationship for a mutual business growth.

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