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Ain Al Shams Workshop Eqpt & Tools Trading LLC Sharjah

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Air Compressor | Automotive Hydraulic Lifts | Battery Chargers | Diagnostic Scanners | Machinery & Spare parts | Painting Booths | Scan Tools | Spray Booth | Tyre Changer | Wheel Balancers | Workshop Equipment | Workshop Tools

Company Profile

Ain Al Shams Workshop Eqpt & Tools Trading LLC

AUTOMAX TOOLS INC. is an internationally recognized brand, established in 2007. AMT, with its specialized research and experience in the automotive tools manufacturing is focused on the manufacturing of Hydraulic lifts, Spray Booths, Alignment Machines and Injector Cleaning Solutions.
WE strive to grow our production line with the latest state of the art equipment ensuring high quality standards for smooth and cost effective solutions for our customers. AMT, with its highly skilled production team equipped with the most up to date production facility has gained confidence of customers all around the globe, enhancing their workshop capabilities.
Our R&D team is always working on its full potential for the upcoming production line, and we look forward to serving you.

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