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ADSO LLC Abu Dhabi

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About The Company

ADSO group of Companies was established in 1968 with Head Office in Abu Dhabi and Branches in Dubai, Sharjah, AL AIN , Al Ghuaifat, Al Maziyat and Associated offices in other major Gulf Cities.
Since ADSO establishment, it specialized in providing services to the Oil, Petrochemical, Telecommunication and Power Industry Projects in the region.
From its humble beginning of providing Customs clearance and Freight forwarding services, ADSO has diversified its activities and established itself as one of the trusted name for the various services we provide such as Freight forwarding, Transportation, Cable and pipelaying, Networking, Earth and Civil work, Equipments hire etc.
We are confident that with the dedicated team coupled with the experience we have achieved over three decades, we can deliver the required services to our clients on a timely and cost effective manner .
It is our pleasure to present you herewith our Profile for your reference, which we hope will meet with your interest.
Assuring always our best services, we remain at your disposal.

The Company employs qualified and experienced Personnel as Head of It's various departments, who have responsibility for the implementation and execution of Contracts and works and fulfillment of such contractual obligations as the company accepts from it's clients and customers.
The Company employees time to time selected subcontractors to fulfill specialist activities and services in order to ensure timely completion of works that the company accepts from it's clients and customers.

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