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Garage Doors Dubai

  • Phone +971-4-3805300
  • Fax +971-55-4140132
  • Box No. 60561
  • Emirate Dubai
  • Area Karama
  • Location Karama, Arif & Bintoak Building

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Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Wide doors that cover the garage space of a residence or a commercial building are usually known as a garage doors. The doors come in a wide variety of choices and can be operated manually or with the aid of a motorized opener. The space is akin a small room and remains totally secluded from the elements of nature. Although predominantly used for holding automobiles and other types of vehicles the garage can also be converted into tiny workshops or offices courtesy a sturdy and durable door.

The modern day garage door can be tilted on hinges and moved up to reveal the area within. The larger doors, on the other hand can be slid along specific tracks laid on the floor of the garage. While the doors used previously were manufactured out of a single panel, the modern day contraptions contain multiple panels joined by virtue of hinges that can be made to roll on tracks during operation. The garage door is not quite light weight though and may weigh 181 kg on an average. However, the person operating it does not have to bear any part of the weight as the mechanism is balanced perfectly by a spring system.

The best garage doors in vogue today are made to function with the aid of a remote control thus preventing injury and extending the ease and convenience along with the security. However, it is essential to consider a number of types before installing the garage door for securing a vehicle. Sure, there are a number of varieties available with different styles but there may be different kinds of materials to choose from as well.

The typical wood door is passé now with the modern car owner finding it more beneficial to opt for a metal or fiber glass one. An individual eager to find the most affordable door may have to go with an aluminum door that would not be too effective unfortunately. The light metal tends to dent easily while the insulation is ineffective as well. Steel doors, on the contrary, are preferred by many automobile owners due to the strength and security provided. The insulation along with the strength can be also be augmented by choosing to use galvanized steel. The fiberglass or vinyl garage door have proved to be the best form of protection so far that can match steel in strength and the wooden door in aesthetics. The only downer is its cost that may be quite high with most individuals being unable to afford it.

Yes! Residences come in all shapes and sizes and there are specific garage doors to match each kind. Most people choose to find the roller door handy and its popularity remains unparalleled to date. The small shed and a modest home garage can be covered in a cost effective manner by utilizing the tilt type of door though. The sectional doors are apt for bigger garages and are made of multiple panels. They are available in a wide range of styles and finishes with wood, steel, fiber glass and almost every material used to make it appeal to the customers.

The cities of UAE do not lag behind either when it comes to choosing a garage door. The dealers are spread out through the nation with Dubai and Sharjah offering the top brands and materials that are believed to be the best in the world.






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