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Insulation Materials Cold & Heat Ajman

  • Phone +971-6-5436322
  • Fax +971-6-5437647
  • Box No. 23021
  • Emirate Sharjah
  • Area
  • Location Industrial Area 6, Bhnd Mercedez S/Room

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Insulation Materials – Cold & Heat

Insulation is an essential element of construction. It is a process through which cold, heat and sound are blocked from getting escaped from the insulated environment in the residential and commercial properties. Insulation materials – cold & heat are supplied by many of the United Arab Emirates suppliers that are used to provide a comfortable living environment for the residents. There are a number of local manufacturers based in Dubai that are widely known for providing top notch quality insulating materials for heat and cold. While the imported insulating materials are costly enough to add a burden on the customer’s shoulders, using the locally produced insulating materials provide the same quality experience at comparatively much lesser cost.

There is a wide variety of insulation materials – cold & heat available in the UAE market viz. PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulation, PUR (Polyurethane) insulation and pre insulated duct systems. There is further variety of PIR and PUR insulation materials. For example, PIR without facing is used for cavity walls, external wall insulation and others. PIR insulation with aluminium has lamination of aluminium foil on both the sides and is used in those areas where moisture is the problem such as roof, door, window etc. In comparison to this, PIR insulation with fibre glass has lamination of fibre glass on both the sides and is used in those areas where there is an external element like plaster or gypsum used to fix the insulation. On the other hand, PIR insulation with craft paper on both sides is used for floor or cold store where direct paint is used in the insulation.

Among the general insulation materials – cold & heat include pre-insulated pipes and fittings, pipes and duct insulation, pipe and board insulation, roof and wall insulation, spray application, water proofing system, pipe and duct thermal support inserts and other fabrication products. Dubai manufacturers of insulating materials are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of supreme quality insulating materials. The insulation panels, cooling systems, water proofing systems and others are built with international standards. The insulating materials manufacturers have the right machineries and qualified staff to meet the requirements of the clients. They facilitate their clients with quality service and prompt response. They have years of experience in supplying and delivering the insulation materials – cold & heat and have a high reputation in the market for their high degree of professionalism.

The quality products delivered by the UAE insulating materials suppliers are reliable and are built in close connection with the client’s needs. They are efficient in delivering the materials according to the project type. Whether it is a simple warehouse, a hotel, a mall or any place where the client needs to install thermal insulation of high degree, suppliers are always ready with their professional team to complete the design, supply as well as installation of the heat and cold insulating materials required for wall cladding, roofing or just any type of project. By working closely with the customers, they design state of the art insulation systems that exactly fit the residential and commercial insulation needs of the clients. Dubai companies are the most reliable suppliers in the UAE and Middle East that offer world class thermal insulation solutions that meet the client’s requirements.


The supreme standard insulation materials supplied by the companies based in the United Arab Emirates have built up a strong reputation in the market for meeting the unique requirements. They are passionate about bringing quality products that exceed the expectation of the clients. Understanding the client needs and finding the appropriate solution lays the foundation to long term relationship of these Dubai companies with their clients in the Middle East and rest of the world.   

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