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Hoists are devices used for lifting or lowering different objects or loads easily. The system works by using a rope or chain that wraps around a lift wheel and can be operated either manually or electrically, or can be pneumatically driven, depending on the needs for each application it is used for. One of the industries where this type of devices is mostly used is the construction industry, for quickly and safely carrying materials, equipment and even personnel between the ground and the higher floors or between intermediary floors of a building. There are versions that are specifically designed for one purpose or another and there are also dual rated solutions that can carry both different loads of materials, equipment and people. Hoists are also used for other applications in different industries, such as assembling, for moving products through various production processes, positioning, for securing a component that needs to be worked on, transportation, for loading products onto trailers or railcars and warehousing operations, for transporting heavy items to and from storage areas and for easily moving them to and from docks.

There are many companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that are specialized in providing all types of construction and industrial hoists for various applications. The various options available differ in terms of the lifting medium, there being a choice between welded link load chains, roller load chains or wire ropes, in terms of operation types, there being versions that are manually or electrically powered or ones that use pneumatic air power, and in terms of suspension types, there being versions that can be hook mounted, lug mounted or trolley mounted. Electrical hoists are considered to be the most cost efficient option, since they are easy to repair and do not require extensive manpower to operate them. Manual options are not as fast and efficient, due to the need to be operated by people, while pneumatic ones are a little bit more pricier and seem to need to be repaired more often than the other types. However, there are specific applications that require a certain type of device.

You can choose between integral package units, which are more affordable and can be used only for specific tasks, and customizable units, which although more expensive, compared to the other type, allow the users to decide on what specific type of parts they want to use. The most suitable hoists should be selected depending on the durability that is desired, on the type of application they are necessary for and on the available budget.

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