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Castors & Wheel - Suppliers In Ajman, UAE


What is the difference between casters and wheels in Ajman?

Casters are typically lighter weight and have a smaller diameter than wheels. It makes them easier to move and less likely to get stuck on stairs or in tight spaces. On the other hand, wheels are heavier weights that can be more cumbersome but also provide better traction when moving around obstacles.

What are the different types of casters in Ajman?

There are three main types of casters: mobile, fixed and rolling. Mobile casters are the most commonly used because they can be moved around easily and placed in any needed position.

How does a caster wheel work in Ajman?

Caster's wheels attach to the bottom of a skateboard, and as you walk or run, they rotate. This gyroscope-like motion helps keep your balance while skating, making it easier to stay upright.

Which caster material is best in Ajman?

Depending on the specific application, some casters may be better than others. For example, aluminum is a good choice for lightweight or high-speed movement applications, while wood is often used for more static applications.

What type of rubber is used in caster wheels in Ajman?

In general, caster wheels are made out of rubber. This is because they work best when they have a good grip and stability. Rubber provides both of these things, making it a perfect choice for this type of wheel.
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