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Water Master Water Eqpts LLC Ajman


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Company Profile

Water Master Water Equipments LLC (WMWE) Profile

Water Master Water Equipments LLC (WMWE) was incepted in 2002 in the Emirate of Ajman. WMWE not only handles all type of water treatment projects but also manufactures several types of systems incorporated in the water treatment applications by using the most advanced design and construction techniques. WMWE engineers work parallel to the applied research team of other local and international companies and consultants to make it possible to use the most adequate techniques and patents to find the best solution for each case.
The extensive experience of company's technical team in membrane separation technology, filtration systems, water purification and sterilization resulted in correct diagnosis of each situation leading to the most adequate solution for simple conventional installations as well as for those who require more advanced and sophisticated processes.
The activities carried out range from specifying the problem to the final solution, with all the intermediate stages required including taking data, analyzing alternatives, searching for and applying the appropriate techniques, optimizing with powerful computer tools, designing the solution chosen, carrying it out, start-up, operation, and financing when required. All the activities necessary for solving each case are carried out under the principle of being sole responsible entity within the framework and commitment of total quality.
The main activity of the company is to design, manufacture, supply and install the Reverse Osmosis systems of all capacities and types, Pressure Filters, Filtration systems and other systems relating to the water treatment business.
Since WMWE inception in 2002, we have produced and installed fairly large number of RO units and water filtration systems in UAE, Iran, Yemen, Qatar and Pakistan. These systems are currently working properly and are being used successfully by our clients.

Customer Service
The field service engineers are backed by WMWE to provide the customer with a highly competent, interactive, service-oriented support team. The team comprising system technologists, application specialists, technical consultants and operational engineers is ready to bring its vast breadth of experiences to your projects.

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