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Sultan Bin Rashed (Sultaco) Abu Dhabi

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Sultan Bin Rashed (Sultaco) - Profile

Mr. Sultan Bin Rashed Al Dhaheri together with two partners and a staff of 8 persons founded Sultaco in 1968. During 1988, Sultaco became 100% locally owned by Mr. Al Dhaheri and has since continued with its growth program.
The company currently employs around 200 people and has state of the art offices, luxurious showrooms and warehouses in Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, with the Head Office located in Abu Dhabi.
Sultaco has built an impeccable reputation for quality and distinctive service and a name that one is proud to be associated with, representing more than 38 internationally renowned brands. From a simple beginning, Sultaco has grown to a strong and versatile company with an infrastructure to support the local market demand of:

Bathroom fixtures & accessories
Kitchen cabinets
Industrial kitchens & laundry equipment
Laminate & wood flooring
Resilient flooring
Ceramic surfaces
Allied materials for building interiors and exteriors

Products supplied for all divisions comply with american/european norms and standards.
Sultaco has an exhaustive list of illustrious projects and achievements to its credit. Having reputed and leading names of the industry together with the technical backup make quality and service a way of life at Sultaco.

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