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Siemecs International LLC Dubai


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Control Systems | EV Chargers | Electrical Contracting & Maintenance | Energy Efficient Systems | Industrial Automation | Solar Systems

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About The Company

SIEMECS is a point of reference for Cost Effective & Smart Integration of Control & Automation, IoT, and Digital solution projects in UAE & KSA region. Siemecs uses its industry-leading knowledge and global capabilities to serve the sophisticated automation systems in industries such as Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Infrastructure, Solar & other manufacturing industries. We smartly integrate technology and expertise from our world-class suppliers combines our knowledge, creativity & intelligence.
SIEMECS is the benchmark for highly completive Solar Plant Installation contractor with in- house competencies & Resources that help customers reduce cost, improve availability & safety, optimize and increase plant efficiency.
We offer full end-to-end solutions for industrial project including construction and operations and maintenance.
Together, let us make your process smarter, intelligent, cost effective and operation powerful along with your people more productive.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152