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Perfect Oasis Metals LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

About the Company

Perfect Oasis Metals LLC is a well-known name in the welding equipment business. Ever since its inception in 2007, the company has grown to be a trusted and popular dealer in the Middle East and other parts of the world too. Once began as a trading firm in the welding industry, the company is now one of the biggest stockists and suppliers of all types of welding equipment. The key to Perfect Oasis Metals success has been its core market understanding and adaptability based on customer demand. To date, the firm believes in cultivating long-term relationships and makes sure that they serve each client diligently. That is the reason the company has an established presence in the Indian subcontinent, Eastern Europe, Africa, in addition to the Middle East.

Products/Services Offered

The world of welding equipment supplies is quite large, and Perfect Oasis Metals has still managed to bring a lot of those products under its wing. To provide its market with a high-quality and varied product range, the company has partnered with firms across the world. Perfect Oasis Metals LLC is the sole dealer of WELDON' Total Welding Solution in the UAE. They also deal with popular product lines of Orange Welding Electrodes and Stone Bridge Welding Electrodes.

You can source welding equipment like earth clamp, electrode holder, face shield, oxygen regulator, acetylene regulator, welding apron, welding and cutting set, tungsten holder, welding hand shield, and welding helmet. The company also supplies rigging hardware such as shackles, Wire Ropes, Wire Rope Clips, Thimbles, Swivel Hooks, Turnbuckles, and Snap Hooks. The lifting equipment product range comprises chain block, drum lifter, GI chain link, electric chain block, and gear trolley.

Perfect Oasis Metals LLC also has a range of safety equipment, castors, welding cutters, welding tools, nylon rod, Teflon rod, Teflon sheet, air hose, gas hose, PVC hose, welding hose, water level hose, and miscellaneous item.

Some of the popular brands supplied by Perfect Oasis Metals LLC are Kiswel, High lift, Safe zone, Markal, Robust, Victor, Esab, and Harris.


Perfect Oasis Metals LLC is one of the companies known for quality product and service commitments in the UAE. The company works with the best of the vendors to supply premium products to its customers.

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