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Mungo Fastening Technology Profile

Specialising in fastening technology for the Construction and Building Maintenance sectors, Mungo offers a comprehensive product range of nylon plugs, metal fasteners, chemical fixing, drill bits and accessories such as chisels and cutting discs. All products are produced to high standards of precision and quality, as you would expect from a Swiss company. Mungo products have ETA and ICC approvals and are produced to stringent manufacturing standards. Mungo applies efficient and effective business practices required to achieve it SQS and IQnet Business Management approvals.
Innovation is a key value to Mungo and thanks to its continuous improvement and product development focus,Mungo will continue to shape the development of fastening technology well into the future. With its own manufacturing facilities and cold forming plant Mungo can bring its new product innovations to market swiftly.
Mungos market positioning is of high quality, dependable products supported with technical expertise, professional business practises and fast delivery. Mungo is a competitive partner working alongside its customers to offer product selection advise, pull-out tests and high levels of customer satisfaction
Mungo was formed in Switzerland in 1968, and has developed into a medium-sized enterprise with a worldwide customer base and has secured a firm position as a professional partner in the fastening industry. Due to consistent enhancements to its product range and fast delivery service, Mungo continues to successfully expand its presence in to the worldwide market.
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