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Lakdawala Trading Company LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

About the Company

Lakdawala Trading Co LLC was founded in the year 2012 and has since been working to provide all kinds of quality hand tools, cutting tools, measuring instruments, and engineering tools along with some general hardware. The company represents a range of high-quality brands whose products are the best in class.

The products are sourced from foreign countries such as the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, etc. The company has its customers not only in the UAE but spread all over the GCC countries. This helps the company fulfill its customer requirements and provide quality service on time.

Products and Services Offered

Lakdawala Trading Company provides several measuring and precision instruments that come from Mitutoyo. These include:

1. Block Gauge Set
2. Bore, Height, and Thickness Guage
3. Digimatic Depth Gauge
4. Vernier Depth Gauge
5. Dial Indicator
6. Digital and Vernier Calliper
7. Outside Micrometer
8. Tubular Inside Micrometer
9. Magnetic Stand and Precision Leve

The threading and drilling solutions come from companies such as Dormer, Presto, Volkel, and Leo Engineering Tools. These include:

1. Drill Bits Sets
2. Straight Shank Drill
3. Taper Shank Drill
4. HSS Tap Sets
5. Machine Tap
6. Die and Tap Handle
7. T-Tap Handle
8. Thread Repair Kit
9. HSS Die and Die Nut
10. Various types of mill cutters and drills
11. HSS parting tool and lathe tool

The company also provides high-quality and precision-made carbide tips and inserts. These are made from quality metals and are sure to last long. These inserts and tips are sourced from companies such as Sandvik Coromant, Korloy, and TaeguTec. The hack saw blade, hole saw cutters, and band saw blades are sourced from companies such as Starret and Ultra. Besides this, you can get durable hand tools of companies such as Denfos, Wika, and Irwin Industrial Tools.

The supply of such a wide range of high-end manufacturing products has helped the company become one of the leading companies in this sector.


Lakdawala Trading Company LLC works with the primary goal of total customer satisfaction by providing them the latest and high-quality products. It has a roster of highly trained and committed people who are capable of driving the company forward in its pursuit of excellence and to achieve its goals.

Within a short span of 8 years, the company has gained a significant reputation and created a strong customer base for itself in the market. By sourcing products from foreign countries at highly affordable prices, the company has become the preferred
choice for the supply of building materials and hardware.

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