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Gulf Worldwide Logistics LLC Dubai

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Cargo | Customs Documentation | Freight Forwarding | Openyard Storage | Packaging | Racking | Shipping | Temperature Controlled Storage | Value Added Services

Company Profile

Gulf Worldwide Logistics LLC Profile

Gulf Worldwide Logistics (GWL) was established in 1999 in Jebel Ali Free Zone, UAE. Commencing as a warehouse storage provider, the company has now diversified into a multi-faceted Shipping & Logistics Service Provider for Third-Party Customers.
Currently, the company operates 40,000 sq meters of state-of-the-art facilities spread over Jebel Ali North & South Zone. GWL offers customized logistics solutions and connectivity from the regions most important freight hub.
The companies activities include Warehousing across multi-dimensional industries, Transport Distribution services across UAE, Freight Forwarding - Air/Sea, Contract Logistics, Project Logistics, Customs Documentation and Value Added Services.
Gulf Worldwide Logistics is a leading regional provider of world-class supply chain solutions, with a global reach through its network of an exclusive strategic alliance spread over 30+ Countries.

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