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Fortune Seven Technical Services & Trading Sharjah


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AV Consultants | Annual Cleaning Contracts | Annual Maintenance Contracts | Cleaning Equipments | Consulting Architects | Digital Signage | Electrical Supplies | Pickling and Passivation

Company Profile

Fortune Seven Technical Services & Trading Profile

FORTUNE SEVEN FZE is one of the few companies in the UAE which believes in complete distribution of goods through various dealer channels. Fortune Seven was established to enlighten and project the current stage of the Audio Visual industry in the UAE to distribute new products through all the dealer channels in the market place. We are a unique company with a vast and well organized distribution dealer network. Thus we dont deal directly with end-user clients or projects; in turn it will be through our dealer in their designated market areas .This way we eliminate any threat from our side to our dealers, thus we ensure that our product line are supported by us in every possible way through our dealer network direct involvements. Our dealership networks include but not limited to the following professional dealers in UAE.
Audio Visual Dealers
System Integrators
AV Consultants
Electric Retail Outlets
Hyper Markets
Digital Signage Companies

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