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AMS Tools Equipment Trading LLC Dubai

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A M S Tools Equipment

A M S Tools Equipment Trading LLc established in 2014 as a limited liability Company. A M S tools Equipment Trading LLc provider of products to build, trading, manufacturing and wholesaling of hardware tools , maintain, repair or operate a facility, at A M S Tools equipment, we believe in going beyond just \"selling\" a product, but ensuring that we offer you an end-to-end solution. Ours is a holistic approach, from evaluating customer needs through to on-site deployment we partner with you ensuring that you \"get the job done \", equipped with dedicated sales staff, stock, a fleet of delivery vehicles and an established supply chain, we are well positioned to meet your industrial supply requirements throughout UAE & beyond. We are proud to be associated with, and to offer a range of high quality innovative brands that represent the best in each of our product categories. Most of these brands have a strong legacy of innovation some of which continues for over a 100 years. These brands are leaders in their respective product category and help our customers tirelessly get the job done. A M S Tools Equipment Trading LLc is committed to provide solutions to the industry. By partnering with worldclass manufacturers across various product categories, we strive to offer a complete range of high quality industrial products. By maintaining relationships built on quality, service and reliability, we have been a trusted resource for a Large cross-section of customers From projects such as construction, supplies to oil refineries in Abu Dhabi, supplies of tools & equipment to contractors serving the armed forces, we have the capability of servicing varied industrial requirements. Listed here are the main customer segments that we focus on. In many cases, we provide a segment-focused customized solution in terms of product mix and service. Businesses and institutions depend on us every day as a source of tools, abrasives, material handling, safety and other equipment. The breadth and availability of product line is a key factor that differentiates A M S Tools Equipment from other industrial vendors. We carry more than 5,000 products in 9 different product categories in stock to provide customers with products the same day (if stocked in branch) or the next day (if stocked in our distribution center). Our strength lies in consolidation. Our broad product line and wide networks enable us to meet customer requirements in totality. For products not in our

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