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Al Hur Al Abyad Establishment Profile

Al Hur Al Abyad Construction and Metal Fabrication LLC is a member of the Al Hur Al Abyad Group of Companies and an ISO Certified Company. Established in 2005, we are committed to produce and deliver products and services of highest quality that are meant to meet or exceed our customers expectations every time through continuous improvement to our Quality Management System. Our long years of experience, wide knowledge of the industry, pursuit of excellence and quality have allowed us to reach and export our products and services to foreign markets such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Sudan and Ethiopia. Al Hur Al Abyad Construction & Metal Fabrication L.L.C. offers complete life-cycle services for all types of tensile membrane project implementation from conceptualization, design development, fabrication, installation, turn-over and maintenance. We offer the best value for your investment by constructing structures that are well-designed, well-built and strong, is engineered to withstand the challenges of Mother Nature, and can be customized to meet your project needs. We have a seamless sales process, quick delivery and installation, and a responsive, reliable service team. Al Hur Al Abyad Construction & Metal Fabrication L.L.C. is a structural steel fabrication expert company with experience in all phases of structural work from material handling to drilling to plate processing to blast cleaning and painting. Al Hur Al Abyad Construction and Metal Fabrication also offers structural steel design and detailing services. Most importantly, we can do on-site installation, construction and fabrication if and when required for the job. We are also available to advise both existing and potential new clients with regards to material specifications, special applications and overall project advice regardless of the contract size or value. We customize fabrication of Stainless Steel using high quality materials and precision-oriented technologies along-side our state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly-skilled fabricators and welders in conjunction with our design engineers can work with you to produce the best product for your individual needs. Al Hur Al Abyad Construction & Metal Fabrication L.L.C. is your premier, quality custom stainless steel fabricator in the UAE and the whole of GCC. Custom fabrication equals Al Hur Al Abyad Construction & Metal Fabrication L.L.C.! If you have a complete drawing or simply an idea


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