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White Crown Solutions LLC Dubai


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Boiler Cleaning | Drain Blockage | Drain Time Jetting | High Pressure Jetting | Septic Tanks Cleaning

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White Crown Solutions is a

White Crown Solutions is a perfect cleaning company in Dubai UAE delivering efficient cleaning services at a very high standard and in most Professional way. White Crown Solutions have the experience in cleaning field & provides the excellent service and customer satisfaction White Crown Solutions clearly demonstrates the aptitude and ability of being perfect cleaning company delivering efficient cleaning solutions at a very high standard and in most Professional way. Our flexible cleaning service can be tailored or adjusted-bespoke to suit you or depending on the demands of client whichever. All our full range of cleaning services are backed by our guarantee scheme and customer satisfaction and for an added peace of mind. Our members of staff have all the necessary training in dealing with all your cleaning services needs especially when cleaning an area. They will ensure no disruption while they are cleaning. We offer a wide range of maintenance and fabrication services for Industrial, Commercial and Residential areas, from Aluminium Wall Cladding to the cleaning and restoration of Kitchen, Laundry and Air conditioning ducts including the cleaning and maintenance of Swimming pools and Water features. We provide solutions with expertise in Waste management with the cleaning of Drains and Aeration waste water tanks and perform Water tank cleaning and microbiological testing for potentially harmfull bacterial strains. By using only the highest quality materials, with the highest possible standards to achieve the best possible results, we ensure that we contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by providing clean and potable drinkable water and pure clean breathable air.

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