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Weather Makers International Equipment Trading LLC Dubai

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Calorifiers | Chillers | Heat Pump | Plate Heat Exchangers | Solar Water Heaters | Tanks

Company Profile

Weather Makers International LLC - Profile

Weather Makers International L.L.C, established in 2005,is a leading provider and specialist in the supply and installation of renewable energy technologies. We are a complete turnkey solution provider in technologies that benefit the end user and minimize the impact on the environment. Since our inception, we have grown to add various such products in our range and shall continue to do so in the future. Renowned for high quality and efficient functioning, our products have been an innovative step in the concept of energy preservation and utility.
We have standard range of products and custom designed systems tailored to meet the clients specific requirement executed on turnkey basis and backed up with prompt and effective
aftersales service

Our Core Products
Thermocold Heat Pumps & Chillers
Quantum Heat Pumps
MIT Plate Heat Exchangers
Aquatech Pool Heat Pumps & Chillers
Solatherm Solar Thermal
Novasolar Calorifiers
We have a dedicated, professional team of engineers with vast experience who work together with reputed engineering consultants and contractors to offer best solutions for both large and small scale projects such as Staff accommodation, Labour accommodation, Residential buildings, Hotels, Villas, Hospitals, Schools, and many other construction sectors. We also provide design support for consultants, contractors and clients for designing their hot and cold water systems in an efficient and economical manner.

To be the leading company in the Solar and Heat Pump market in the GCC region and provide customers with innovative technologies and solutions that makes u stainable change in the way energy is used.

To enable energy efficiency in order to preserve and conserve the environment

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