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Viking Completion Technology Jebel Ali

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Viking Completion Technology Profile

Viking Completion Technology is a global well completions and intervention tool design, manufacturing, and, services company. With a history of over 20 years, and a strong focus on engineering and technology solutions, Viking provides products and services to support its upstream oil and gas customers well completion challenges. Viking Completion Technology is an Engineering and Technology focused company specializing in the design and manufacture of completion products and intervention tools to support the Oil and Gas Market globally. Vikings experience stretches from an extensive and proven record of delivering the right completion tools for a wide range of well applications, with a focus on reliability and efficiency. This is strengthened by our engineering group that leverages decades of experience in well delivery solutions across the globe, for a variety of environments and operating conditions. Focusing on reliability and simplicity Vikings dedicated engineering group has developed a product line with extensive and proven track record of providing technical solutions to Operators all over the world. Formed in 1997, and headquartered in the Jebel Ali Freezone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Viking Completion Technology is a privately owned company with operations across the globe. Our comprehensive spectrum of well completion products and services cover cased and open hole, artificial lift, HPHT, coiled tubing, intelligent, and custom solutions, all manufactured at our headquarters.

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