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Vegimo LLC Dubai

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" VEGIMO has Established 1998 in INDIA; Get introduced International championed a new era in the UAEs food sector 2013. It continues to lead the field by being the most trusted source for a fascinatingly diverse spectrum of foods. These range from the mundane to exotic and from the essentials to the esoteric. To serve our customers and surpass their expectations in every way possible, satisfying all their food needs at all times, ultimately proving to be the best in the fruits and vegetables industry.
The name VEGIMO, chosen for its intrinsic meaning, A healthy and stylish sounding name, utilizing the abbreviation for "vegetable" as its focus. Reminds one of "More Veggies!" . It was chosen for the VEGIMO Vegetables & Fruits Company in 1998. Evolving steadily through decades of hard work, our company continues to be inspired by visionary leadership and customer-centric corporate philosophy. Catalyzed by widespread acceptance for its products and its service quality, VEGIMO has grown to spread its enterprise footprint throughout the GLOBE. The company is a completely autonomous business setup that has generated, evolved and sustained a vital international sourcing network for fruits and vegetables of the highest quality standards from the best farms and orchards. Our customers know best what is best for them and they trust VEGIMO to deliver the best at all times.
To constantly evolve as the matchless Pioneers of Freshness, nourishing our roots with inspiring strength and thus flourishing our branches, to add value to the dream that has grown since being planted years ago. The prime area of VEGIMOs enterprise focus has always been the dependable supply of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to the 5-star hotels, Restaurant chains , A grade Super Markets, Catering Companies, US Army & Export to all Middle East Countries Like Saudi , Kuwait , Bahrain , Doha Qatar , Muscat and many more. We pride ourselves on our longstanding and excellent relations with most companies within the hospitality sector and in the retail sector in the UAE.VEGIMO is well connected with its wide network of suppliers from around the world. VEGIMO is perfectly placed to serve a growing family of clients who insist on the world class standards in products and quality that we consistently deliver. Our Board of Directors plays an active role in shaping the progress of the company. VEGIMO benefits greatly from the collective and individual involvement of the Board of Directors

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