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Universum Heavylift Trade International also known as Universum Heavylift Group is one of the leading and competitive Heavy Equipment Company based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E which specializes in handling, transporting and shipping of heavy machinery, vehicles and specialist cargo. Whether by road, sea or air, we specialize in international multimodal transport. With over 15 years combined experience and an extensive contact list, Universum Heavylift Group can provide efficient, reliable, high quality freight transport. We deliver flexible solutions for cargo transportation focusing on speed, security, and safety.

Universum Heavylift Group operates not only in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle Eastern region, but also in the Far East and Africa, with a wide network of our own international offices in United Kingdom, India, Poland and Germany to serve importers & exporters around the world. Our Management Team have over 15 years combined experience with heavy machinery and equipment and are able to advise the best mode of transport, type of shipping and most cost effective solutions.

Universum Heavylift Group is an IATA/FIATA accredited operator and service provider.With the help our leading partners in Supply Chain Management in numerous countries and our present network of worldwide agents, Universum Heavylift Group serves more than 1000 destinations across the world.

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