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Unipro Software House Dubai

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Unipro Software House Profile

UniPro Software House is based in Dubai, UAE and our primary focus is to provide enterprise software solutions for the growing business needs in UAE. The company offers professional solutions on all aspects of Web and Desktop based Business Applications, ERP, HR & Payroll Software, Mobile App Solutions as well as Enterprise applications implementation services such as Sharepoint , EPM and Service Desk solutions. We are also competent in providing IT Infrastructure Services, Data Center solutions, Cloud Computing solutions and Managed Infrastructure Solutions. With vast experience in the IT industry, UniPro continues to serve its customers needs by providing scalable, reliable and secure technology solutions.

Software Solutions
Custom Web and Desktop Applications
Mobile Apps Solutions
Website Revamping Services
ERP Solutions
HRMS & Payroll Solutions
Accounting and Inventory Solutions
Training Center Management Solutions
Oil & Gas Project Services Solutions
Restaurant Management Solutions
Recruitment Solutions
Building Maintenance Management Solution
Billing and Payment Solutions
Real Estate Solution
Contract Management Solutions
IP Camera Solutions

Implementation Services
Sharepoint Implementation
EPM Implementation
Microsoft EPM Implementation
Microsoft Exchange Implementation
Service Desk Implementation

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152