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Tridentech Trading Dubai


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Jerry Cans | Knee & Elbow Protectors | Tracking Solutions

Company Profile

Tridentech Trading - Profile

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are a proficient and professional company who believe in excellent customer service and quality products with a trusted track record.
Tridentech represent brands and products that we believe are technically well designed, engineered and tested in the field. We believe in quality products that provide longevity and efficiency in project life cycles.
In addition to our product lines, we regularly source, package and deliver any products and goods required to support our clients missions.
Our collection of products are catering to the Military, Humanitarian, Oil & Gas and Commercial industries. Below is the list of some of the products we can supply:

Ballistic protection equipement
Camp Solutions
Strong heavy duty storage and work units
Temporary Road Access and Flooring
Military Fueling Systems
Fuel Hoses
Fuel logistics items and consumables
Helicopter Operations
Bladder Tanks
Onion Tanks
Pump Systems
Jerry Cans
Water and Sanitation
Vehicle equipment and accessories

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