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Specialized Marketing Company WLL Abu Dhabi

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Automatic Storage System | Filing system | Industrial Shelving | Mobile Shelving Racking | Racking & Shelving | Sewage Treatment | Shelving | Storage Solution | Warehouse Shelving

Company Profile

Specialized Marketing Company WLL Profile

A) Established in 1984, SMC has been designing, supplying and installing automated storage & filling systems, providing technological solution to resolve the problems of any storage area by maximizing floor space, handling all necessary data, and continuously updating storage information to increase productivity. We help make working environments more organized and efficient. Our systems and services have contributed to the efficient operations of many industrial, commercial, government and retail organizations i.e. oil companies, banks, hospitals,government, semi-government departments and private organizations.

We offer free design service.

SMC is a storage solutions provider. WE analyze the clients requirements and recommend the best solution meeting the present needs and future expansions. A full range of automatic vertical lift systems, mobile systems, shelving & racking with intelligent technical solutions are designed and created to satisfy every specific need. Technical solutions are designed and created to satisfy every specific need.

SMC brings you storage solutions systems with the intelligence of tomorrow, Today

Quality & Safety

High quality certified standards which guarantee maximum products and procedural reliability and utmost respect for the environment and Safety comes first.

SMC is recognized over the years for delivering high quality products and services.


State of the art Automated storage & filling systems for M/S Presidential Flight, Takreer, MOFA, IPIC, ADNOC, DED, MOH, Abu Dhabi Police, ADFCA etc..

B)SMC Design and supply Eco-line STP Systems for remote areas that are based on a compact biological purification module which can be installed in standard 40 feet container delivered ready for installation.

The eco-line unit is constructed of non-corrosive materials which ensures long life and low maintenance cost.

The eco-line product remove and reduce BOD, COD, SS,N,Ph smell and hazardous gases. The product water is pure water suitable for irrigation industrial recycling and meets all international for environment preservation and protection.

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