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Solid House Building Materials Dubai

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PPR Germany | Plumbing Materials | Plywood Marine

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Solid House Building Materials - Profile

Solid House Building Materials Trading Established in 2016 has grown to be a leading dealer with all kinds of building materials including steel, wood, chemicals, power tools, safety items, plumbing, electrical, hardware, scaffolding, paint, ceiling and cement. Our company has been engaged in supply of extremely good quality tools and building materials. Looking forward being your chief supplier of whatever related to construction items.Solid House is dedicated to the quality products in the world of Hardware. We at Solid House are committed to delivering the best possible solution for our customers to be satisfied with our products range and ensure that they are dealing with the right product as per their needs. Solid House has a large number of products to match the customer expectations. Our after sales support team is very active and committed to offering the genuine service and support to avoid the hassles and makes life easier for our customers. We have the large portfolio of satisfied clients and we always consider that the Quality and Service is the only key that can unlock the doors to success.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152