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Shahzad Scaffolding Trading LLC Ajman

Company Profile

Shahzad Scaffolding - Profile

Shahzad Scaffolding Trading introduce ourselves as one of the recognized company in UAE supplying all items of scaffolding to all companies keeping in mind the increasing importance of development and related sector within the country.

To supply quality at best possible price and achieve total customer satisfaction. Constant monitoring of our strengths and weaknesses. Keep abreast of diversifying markets

Our accomplishment is through our commitment to forming a partnership with our customers and employees in providing a higher standard of service.
Located in Ajman which is an ideal hub for the Global world trade. It has smooth access to four major parts in the United Arab Emirates. An extremely efficient international road network connects Ajman to neighboring countries and beyond to Europe. Together it all adds up to an unrivalled land and sea transportation network for getting our goods to markets worldwide.
SHAHZAD SCAFFOLDING TRADING benefits from a number of advantages, including an economical wage structure, easy access to skilled workforce and support by local government.
These advantages make it possible for us to offer our customers the most competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards in quality, delivery and services.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152