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Qadri & Qureshi Gen Trdg LLC Dubai

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Coveralls Wholesale Supplier | Hand Protection Gloves | PPE Product Supplier | Sky Blue Coveralls | Twill Cotton Coveralls | Welding Gloves Supplier | Working Gloves | Workwear Supplier

Company Profile

Qadri & Qureshi Gen Trdg LLC

Now in its 37th year, Qadri & Qureshi General Trading LLC. (originally established as M/s. Abdul Hakim & Sons in 1980) is a global supplier of high-quality products in the Personal Protection Equipment category.

When the company was first set up in 1980, it manufactured cotton rags. Emphasis on quality soon enabled the company to win customer's trust, encouraging the management to expand products line and thus Industrial Safety and Personal Protection Equipment manufacturing lines were added. Today our products are worn daily by industrial and construction workers in over 57 countries worldwide.

Our products, that meet client's budget and delivery timelines, conform to industry standards as applicable.
Our products include
Working Wear/Uniforms
Fire Retardant Coveralls
Safety Shoes and Wellington Boots
Cotton/Leather/PVC Rubber/Chemical Gloves
Eye Protection Glasses
Gas Masks & Breath Protection Equipment
Safety Helmets * Safety Belts & Harnesses
Rain Coats & Suits * Road Safety Equipment
Reflective Tape * Tents & Tarpaulins * Cotton Rags
First Aid Boxes & Kits
Welding Goggles & Equipment

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