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Organ Technical Works LLC Dubai


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Civil Works | Dewatering Works | Electrical Supplies | False Ceiling Works | Metals Erection | Painting Works | Shoring Works

Company Profile

Organ Technical Works LLC Profile

Being an energetic and dynamic entrepreneur, looking forward to great prospects in his enterprises, Mr. Rajesh CD has gathered a team of working professionals in the field of dewatering and shoring works have started Organ Technical Works LLC.
The construction field today in the United Arab Emirates is expanding into wider horizons and speeding up to achieve amazing heights. Organ Tech, which took a bold step in the right direction, is determined for a giant leap in offering civil works, dewatering works and electromechanical works in the years ahead.
Organ Tech, a name to be reckoned with in the field of Civil, Dewatering & Shoring works, has got the entire infrastructure to take medium and large scale Dewatering and Civil Projects; and also Electromechanical works in respect of showrooms, villas and apartments.
Category listed
Shoring Contractors
De-watering Equipment & Services
Electromechanical Engineers,
Consultants & Contractors
Engineers - Civil
Floor & Ceiling Products - Suppliers & Contractors
Painters & Painting Contractors
Pumps - Dewatering
Waterproofing Contractors
Building Maintenance & Repairs

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