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Net Deisre Technologies LLC Dubai

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Net Deisre Technologies LLC Profile

We are a company providing customized solutions in Information Technology sphere for any kind of client requirements, with expertise in end-to-end IT solutions in software and hardware. Started by a few professionals with technology background and business knowledge, we share the same passion of being the best in class which makes us stand apart from the crowd when it comes to visibility while in the testing ground. With almost all types of organizations moving their businesses into the online world across various categories in this digital age, they are vying to have an identity of their own. This exposure which is positive in many aspects is also leading to unknown threats and risks in the form of criminals waiting for an opportunity in the background whether in-house or cyber way. This is where various technologies in IT SECURITY solutions come into place. We are experts in this area. With a constant demand to be up-to date technologically and with critical applications handling the core functioning of an organization, the rise of virtualization, the explosion of data creation and the opportunities of cloud services are bringing new challenges to maintaining effective backup and disaster recovery programs for critical data. This is where various technologies in NETWORK and BACKUP solutions come into place. We are experts in this area. With our network hardware and software solutions, regardless of location, application, or information stream, our solutions deliver a consistent high-quality and secured network experience to connected users, with the maximum uptime. We deliver end-to-end network solutions and infrastructure projects in all phases from inception to planning, implementation, monitoring and optimization by using our valuable industry experience, highly focused approach and qualified resources across the region. We provide Network HARDWARE & SOFTWARE solutions. We are experts in this area. We provide customized solutions based on clients requirements after understanding the various aspects involved in the requirement. So, the customer is always at a GAIN when the solution is genuine. We understand your needs. We are experts in this area. We have established strong industry ties with leading vendors in IT. This enables Net Desire Technologies deliver a breadth of best of breed solutions to our customers through our teams of pre-sales, post sales and support experts. Our vision is to lead in the industr

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152