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Modern Seal Insulation Contracting LLC Dubai

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Modern Seal Group (MSG) - a waterproofing company and contractor was established in early 20's as the construction group through which Modern Seal Group (MSG) has access to the latest development in the industry with the support of advance computerized design and state of art engineering facilities ensuring commercial and technical approach to all the projects. The Dubai branch was then established in 2007 while Abu Dhabi branch was established in 2009 and within one-decade Modern Seal Group (MSG) stands as one of the leading waterproofing organizations in the UAE. Modern Seal Group (MSG) - a waterproofing company and contractor was founded in early 20's and throughout his career, the Modern Seal Group (MSG) referred to his clients as "respected friends." The company quickly built a reputation for integrity, teamwork and commitment. Modern Seal Group (MSG) - a waterproofing company and contractor is recognized as a leader in the industry. Our position and strength enable the company to provide additional value to our clients and opportunities for our employees. Together, we are "Building the Future".
Modern Seal Group (MSG) has established itself as a leading specialty contractor company serving over 1000 projects with a wide range of local, international, private and public clients, and a track record of reliability in delivering quality workings.

Over 15 years of operation in the UAE market has given us extensive experience in creating retro-fit solutions to handle problems arising from harsh and aggressive local environments, all in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Our areas of expertise include the supply and execution of civil engineering, concrete repairs and rehabilitation, injection, waterproofing, flooring, construction chemicals, structural strengthening and technical engineering solutions.

Modern Seal Group (MSG) has the exclusivity for a wide range of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry. Their quality products are also supported with continuous training for all staff members, both locally and overseas, to improve knowledge and master the latest in working techniques.
The mission of Modern Seal Insulation Contracting LLC (Modern Seal Group) (MSG) as a waterproofing company and contractor is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience and leadership as the finest waterproofing organization .

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