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Metallica Appliances LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Metallica Appliances LLC - Profile

About the Company

Metallica Appliances LLC is a well-recognized company which provides a wide range of Kitchen Appliances and Accessories. The company is located in both Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. In Dubai, it has branches in Warsan and Sheikh Zayed Road besides having a branch in Abu Dhabi.

The company has some major Italian companies such as SMALVIC SPA as some of its main agents in the UAE that are committed to producing and marketing custom made kitchen appliances. It also has a number of affiliations with consultants, engineering firms, and interior design companies which give it the much-needed edge while dealing with customers throughout the UAE and GCC countries.

Products and Services Offered

Metallica Appliances is committed to producing and marketing high-quality ovens, hobs, free-standing cookers, and other related kitchen appliances. This supply of high-quality products is made possible because of its tie-up with some well-established Italian companies such as Airforce, Apell, Smallvic, Barazza, Farmec, and Carysil.

Airforce has been in the sector of cooker hoods for years and is very much present in the main European markets. It is involved in the production and evolution of new and designer cooker hoods. Its products include Aspira, Ceiling Hoods, Integra Down Draft, Island Hood, Wall Hoods.

Apell is another world-renowned company having highly established architects and designers who are credited for making some iconic and internationally acclaimed products. The company provides Mixer Taps and Sinks. Built-in 1958, Smalvic was the first Italian company to manufacture built-in kitchen appliances. Since then, it has been one of the frontrunners in making Coffee Machine, Combi-Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridge, Hob, Oven, Warming Drawer, and Washing Machine.

Barazza derives its name from the family of Italian entrepreneurs who has created these household appliances. The name is now synonymous with high-performance and design. The company majorly deals in Accessorised Channels, Mixers, and Oven Cookware. Carysil is a company that is highly renowned for its series of sinks while Falmec is mainly involved in the design and production of cooker hoods.


The main aim of the company is to provide aggressive marketing strategies to complement its high-quality products. Its appliances are designed, keeping in mind both the domestic as well as international clients.

As a testament to its commitment to provide world-class products, the company has set up dedicated showrooms where customers can walk-in, see the aesthetically and elegantly designed products, and assess their functionality with respect to their kitchens. It has experienced employees who are available at your beck and call for consultations and to answer any specific queries.

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