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Larosa Hardware & Eqpt Co Ltd Sharjah

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Duct Fabrication Machine | HVAC Duct | Hydraulic Press Brake | Hydraulic Shearing Machine | Laser Cutting Machine | Polyrethane Injection | Roll Forming Machine | Sandwich Panel Machine | Steel Cutting Machine | Woodworking Machine

Company Profile

Founded in 1996 and based

Founded in 1996 and based in Sharjah, UAE, La Rosa Hardware & Equipment Co. Ltd. known as the one stop shop is supplying the di?erent types of Industrial machines. La Rosa Hardware has earned a good reputation in local and international market for providing the highest standard type of machine with competitive price.
As new technology exists time to time, we strive to produce the ultra-modern machines using the latest technology so it will be more convenient, high performance and a?ordable to all our customers.
Our company's core competency is based on quality and highest level customer's satisfaction. In doing so, at the time of production we have given the utmost preference to meet the highest quality standards. Aside from that we are o?ering extended warranties and on-time maintenance during and after the warranty period. We have 30 excellent and well-skilled sta?s who will answer all your queries or concerns you might have and guide you as well with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends. Through our dedication and passion, La Rosa has earned the trust and loyalty of each client to become stable and successful in this business field.

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