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Gold Ceylon Packaging Factory FZC Ajman

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Gold Ceylon Packaging Factory FZC Profile

We hereby introduce Gold Ceylon Packing factory FZC with Product name GOLD CEYLON TEA and GOLD CEYLON IN-STICK TEA. The company is based in Ajman free zone United Arab Emirates. Gold Ceylon is certified from ISO 22000:2005. It covers the whole market of Middle East and export to KSA, Africa, Bahrain, CIS etc. Gold Ceylon Packing Factory FZC produces high-quality and high-grade tea, since tea processing of raw materials and selection, ending with the release of the finished tea collection. The ideology of the GOLD CEYLON group of companies is based on the ancient philosophic principle of the golden section, reconciling the advantages and opportunities. The high-quality Ceylon tea from the "Paradise Island" plantations into every house. This is possible only with the GOLD CEYLON group of companies, with its professional production capabilities and democratic price policy. Benefits you can get from Gold Ceylon: Margin We work so that you can earn. Our terms allow you to work with high profit margins. We are manufacturers, Working with us you will not overpay buying from intermediaries. Buying from us, you can get tea at best price. Samples of tea To start working with us it was easier, we provide our partners with the samples on special conditions. Demand for buyers By tracking the market consumption of tea, Gold Ceylon is perfect for sophisticated lovers of tea and for the consumer of everyday life with the bright and colorful packaging. You will definitely find Gold Ceylon Tea with premium product at low price and high quality to meet your taste and requirements

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