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It was in 1982 that

It was in 1982 that Fujairah Rockwool Factory started operations and in the process became the first company to manufacture Rockwool insulation products in the GCC region. Begun with an annual capacity of 5000 metric tons, the factory has since then expanded operations and is today the largest manufacturer of insulation products in the GCC with supplies being sent to, besides the GCC countries, the Middle East, the Far East and the other parts of the World.

Rockwool as the name implies is made by melting diabase rock mixed with coke and limestone and converting them into fibers. The raw material diabase (basalt rock) is a pure volcanic material which is millions of years old. Rockwool is classified as an inorganic material and has an excellent resistance to high temperatures and possess superior acoustic properties. The factory Utilizes highly advanced technology to melt raw diabase at 1400° C to make the flowing lava spin at high speed using the latest multi spun disc system to produce hairline fibers which are bound together by spraying with a heat setting resin.

The fibers are spread in a conveyor using the pendulum method to achieve an even distribution of density throughout the surface of the resulting products. the special additive is impregnated to the bonded material to make it water resistant. Fujairah Rockwool products are used in both commercial and industrial establishments as in the insulation of power plants, destination plants, petrochemical plants. refineries, offshore drilling equipment, ships and also in houses, offices, buildings, schools, factories, etc. New product applications are being discovered each year with this remarkably versatile product.


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