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Fanatech Engineering & Trading LLC Dubai

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Eyewash & Portable Gas Detectors | Gasket & Fastener | Mesh & Filter | Pipes & Pipe Fittings

Company Profile

Fanatech Engineering & Trading LLC

FANATECH ENGINEERING & TRADING LLC is a leading supplier and stockiest of pipes, tubes, flanges, fittings, compression fittings, hose & hose fittings, Clamps, stainless mesh & fliters, valves, Fastners, Electrical and PPE products from the reputed international manufactures for oil and gas, petrochemical, powerplant, marine, onshore and offshore industries application

Builder's Statement
We source and supply a wide range of products to a broad base of customers. Our distribution and service market is the Middle East and our sourcing market is global.

Professional Service
Creating custom cost-saving initiatives which provide our customers a competitive advantage in today's global competing environment.

Quality WorkHonesty, Integrity, Caring and Fairness, Openness, Quality Dedication, Promise Keeping and Personal Mastery

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