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Epoch International Dubai

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Allen Bradley Supplier | Danfoss VFD | Fuji VFD | LS Electric Drives | Lenze Drives | PLC Stock | Schneider VFD | Sensors | Servo Drive Supplier | Siemens PLC Supplier | VFD Stock | VFD Supplier | Yaskawa Drives

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We are well known for our quality products and services to the customers since 2018. Easy sales, Quick support and Ontime services are what makes Epoch International unique from others.
Our trading division specializes in supplying products and spares parts from some of the leading manufacturers in Europe and USA. The product range includes electrical and hazardous area equipment, process instrumentation, Safety equipment, hydraulic and all kinds of industrial spare parts. If you are looking for hard to find spare parts or urgent delivery products to meet your maintenance or project schedules, we can do it.

Our manufacturing division specialized in manufacturing customized machines to meet the customers odd demands. We manufacture Film Blowing extruders, Plastic recycling machines, Bag on roll making machine, flexographic printing machine and Plastic thread making machine. We use high-quality materials and components tested in various working conditions to ensure the durability and stability of our machines and spare parts.

Our service capability and commitments ensure a very satisfying customer experience. We are equipped to handle the repairing service for OEM products along with extended warranty.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152